ECPAT International hosts private sector representatives to discuss sexual exploitation of children in Travel and Tourism industry.

IMG_3726.JPGOn 29th June, 2018, STOP (Stop Oppression and Trafficking of Women and Children) as one of the members from the National Task Group, formed by ECPAT international, hosted the representatives from private sector at a international conference to discuss “Advancing responsible business practices towards child protection in India”, at the Pullman Hotel, Delhi.

The discussion revolved around multiple areas from travel and tourism to media to law and policy framework and its role in protection of rights of children and their safety. The conference participants were from various backgrounds. Intellectuals, private sector representatives, as well as practitioners from government and non-government bodies in India and South Asia participate at the conference.

Best practices followed by private sector companies and non-governmental organisations were discussed, leading to Prof. Roma Debabrata moderating the session on possible ways of moving forward to create better and safer environment for our children with the help of private sector.


We at STOP are heartily thankful to all participants for sharing their views on the subject.



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