Prof. Debabrata attending the dissemination workshop on “ Building Resilience, Catalysing Change”.

The “ girls champions” of the Sapahara resilience program sharing their journey.

On 16th July, 2018, Prof. Roma Debabrata ( Founder President, STOP) attended dissemination workshop organisation by SAPHARA in association with the Embassy of Ireland and Phia foundation on “Building Resilience, Catalysing Change”.

Girl champions presented there thoughts on breaking gender stereotypes and the progress they have had in their lives by being part of the program.

Prof. Debabrata at the workshop organised by Sapahara and the Embassy of Ireland.

Prof. Debabrata suggested the group to look at the slum clusters and the migrant communities in urban areas to understand the gaps within the society that hinders young women from fully developing their potential. She also stressed on converting this into a strong network of organisation that will through ” hand holding” help in these young women to move forward and become successful in their lives.

Thank you Saphara and the Embassy of Ireland, India for inviting to stop at this important event.

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