Remembering Mr. Kofi Anan

On 18h August, 2018, Kofi Anan one of the most loved and influential United Nations General Secretary passed away. He was a reformist and his journey was commendable and inspirational. Mr. Anan served in the office from January, 1997 to December, 2006. He was reelected and served in his position for two terms. Mr. Anan’s work and thought will always stay with us.

We send out our condolences to Mrs. Nane Anan to get through this difficult period in her life. Her warmth and kindness was experienced when Mrs. Anan visited Delhi and met with Prof. Roma Debabrata and girls rescued by STOP.


We keep these memories with Mrs. Anan close as we will always keep Mr. Kofi Anan in our thoughts.

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