Through the use of a multidisciplinary, participatory and human rights based approach, STOP:

  • Organizes and conducts rescue operations for the victims of human trafficking  from different and highly exploitative situations;
  • Provides survivors with appropriate and safe accommodation, trauma counselling services, medical assistance and legal aid;
  • Assists in the repatriation and restoration processes of foreign and Indian citizens who have become victims of trafficking;
  • Supports and encourages children of vulnerable communities and survivors of violence to engage in formal and/or non formal educational services as well as in professional and vocational training sessions;
  • Creates women’s self-help groups to empower and assist the survivors in gaining access to employment opportunities;
  • Advocates for the improvement of legal policies about issues related to its fields of activity.
  • Advocates for a safe environment and educates the young and adults for a self-reliant society, making women more vigilant and to break the supply channel of human trafficking at the grass root level of vulnerable migrant majority areas.