Welcome to the official website of STOP (Stop Trafficking and Oppression of Children & Women), India.

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To eradicate human trafficking and all types of violence against children and women.

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The mission of STOP is to promote the establishment of an egalitarian society through the political, social and economic empowerment of victims of trafficking and violence, helping them in their journey of victims to survivors and ultimately, to agents of social change. 

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What We Do

  • Recovery and Rehabilitation of survivors of trafficking and vulnerable women from exploitative situations.
  • Restoration and Repatriation of survivors with their families in India and abroad.
  • Intervention in source and transit areas of trafficking and exploitation through community empowerment programs.
  • Networking and Advocacy to combat trafficking and oppression at policy level.
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Join Us

Our movement can only grow as each one of you pledge your dedication to the cause of combating human trafficking.

Take the step, join our movement, write, discuss, donate and support. Make girls count.

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Contact Us


C-568, J.V.T.S Garden, Road No: 5,

Chhatarpur Extension,

New Delhi: 110074

Call: +91 11 6557 8290

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