Cultural Caravan (Trip to Europe)

August – November 2017

“STOP Global India sends the first cultural caravan team of 7 young adults led by the Counselor, to represent India in Europe tour, spanning 14 weeks, and showcase the cultural wealth of the country. Even as they prepare to be empowered change makers from this part of the world, let us join hands in encouraging this effort on their part to reach out and gain exposure in the wider world! They are going to give glimpses of India in totality, let’s join hands and wish them the best to make a difference!

They are expected to cover mainly Germany, Denmark and Austria this time.”

Celebration of Independence Day

15 August 2017

On the ocassion of the 71st Independence Day of the Republic of India, the children from Aashray Family Home and the members of the communities in Tughlakabad and Bawana celebrated it with great joy and enthusiasm. The national flag was unfurled and hoisted, followed by a cultural programme and the savouring of delicious sweets.


Inauguration of STOP City Activity Centre

4 August 2017

STOP City Activity Centre was formally inaugurated by the Ambassador of Iceland, H.E. Mr. Thorir Ibsen in the presence of several dignitaries (including H.E. Ms. Brigitte Öppinger-Walchshofer, Ambassador-Designate of Austria to India, and Mr. Amitava Bhattacharya, Information Commissioner of India) and friends of STOP on the 4th of August, 2017.  


World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Summit

31 July 2017

STOP was invited to the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons summit, jointly organised by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and Government of India in Hotel Lalit, New Delhi on 31 July 2017. Even as the Home Ministries of three countries (India, Bangladesh and Nepal), UNICEF, UNW and Border Security Force – India were represented by notable functionaries, the question in hand was one that requires the urgent attention of luminaries from across government wings, NGOs and civil society: how to curtail and stop human trafficking?

On one hand the highly porous Indo-Bangladesh borders as a major source of trafficking was highlighted, while on the other hand it was brought to the attention of the attendees that some Chinese entities have begun human trafficking for human organs. Ms. Lekhi advocated that the mantra of ‘Prevention, Protection and Persecution (of culprits)’ needs to be actively worked upon. It was a great privilege and honour for STOP to sign the Joint Declaration by UNODC and UNW on the occasion of the founding of the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) platform for the constitution of a national referral system against trafficking in the country.

Silent Rally

30 July 2017

On the occasion of International Day of Human Trafficking, 30th July a silent rally was observed by STOP alongside the members of our Bawana community. A sum total of 78 members including school going children, adolescent girls and the women from out community. With a black mask around the mouth, the participants for the march covered a 3 km distance with posters and banners to create awareness among the other members of the community. Discussion focusing on educating the members of the community about both trafficking and means to prevent/stop it.


Foundation Day

13 July 2017

Foundation Day was celebrated on 13th July at Ashray Family Home.




ECPACT International Meeting

5-7 July 2017

South Asia Regional training was organised on Preventing and Responding to Online Sexual Exploitation of Children in New Delhi.




Mango Festival

30 June 2017

STOP celebrated its annual Mango Festival on 30th June at Ashray Home. All those who attended it enjoyed savouring the juicy mangoes.




National Summit: Voices from the Field

14 June 2017

Supported by the Good Neighbor Committee, STOP hosted a National Summit: Voices from the field: Exploring Different Rehabilitative Models followed across India on 14th June 2017 at the India International Centre, New Delhi. We heard from survivors too, their perspective on rehabilitation. The agenda of the summit was to develop a workable, replicable and innovative rehabilitation model keeping the concerns of the survivors of difficult circumstances to strengthen the approach



Monitoring Visit by iPartner

12 June 2017




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