Ms. Hasina from Impulse NGO Network visiting STOP, Delhi.

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Ms. Hasina with the team of STOP.

On the evening of 23rd May, STOP had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Hasina Kharbhih, Founder and Chairperson of Impulse NGO Network operating in the north eastern region of India.

She is a renowned advocate in the fight to end bonded slavery and human-trafficking. Ms. Hasina discussed the emerging trends in the field of social enterprise. Through the course of the conversation, Prof. Debabrata and Ms. Hasina shared their thoughts on importance of financial stability to help the at-risk individuals as well as survivors of human-trafficking.

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Ms. Hasina in conversation with Ms. Mallika Majithia regarding various skills developed by the members of Thousand Dreams.

Ms. Haisna also visited the Koshish and Thousand Dreams unit and discussed the various operations of both the social enterprise.

Ms. Hasina said “If we need to prevent and save migration or re trafficking, livelihood initiative and marketable skills should be the upmost important for any organization working to end human trafficking”.

The team of STOP would like to thank Ms. Hasina for the insights she presented for the during her visit.


Second Round Table to build National Coalition against SEC

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On 18th May, STOP as a member of the National Task Group organized a round-table organized  for combating sexual exploitation of children (SEC) in India, with the purpose of identifying organizations, networks, coalitions and associations who can be a part of the coalition against SEC in India. The objectives of the round-table are:

  • to map out organizations working in sexual exploitation of children or related areas,  at the local, regional and national level;
  • to identify potential alliances, existing networks and movements those could be potential partners to form a wider cross-cutting network ;
  • to identify and prioritize issues of sexual exploitation of children at the local, regional and national level. 

The round table was attended by Rescue Foundation, NDWM, JWP, FXBIS, Udayan Care, Prayas, Shakti Vahini, AIWC, and Delhi Social Welfare Board.

The members discussed the future plan to address the sustainability of the coalition. members also discussed steps needed to be taken to create a better response structure to the issues surrounding Sexual Exploitation of Children arising due to wide spread use of technology and various external influences.

The entire team of STOP would like to thank all member organization for devoting their time to valuable initiative.

A New Era Begins

STOP City Activity Centre was formally inaugurated by the Ambassador of Iceland, H.E. Mr. Thorir Ibsen in the presence of several dignitaries (including H.E. Ms. Brigitte Öppinger-Walchshofer, Ambassador-Designate of Austria to India, and Mr. Amitava Bhattacharya, Information Commissioner of India) and friends of STOP on the 4th of August, 2017.