Cultural Caravan 2017

Since the year 2000, the non-profit association KinderKulturKarawane e.V. from Hamburg has been inviting seven youth groups from countries of the global south to Europe every year. These groups present their artistic productions in schools and cultural centers and tell about their lives, their fears, wishes and hopes. The young artists mostly come from marginal conditions (street children, child laborers, warriors).


The aim is to enable an equal dialogue between the young people from different cultures. The exchange on the level opens up the space to discover new perspectives, to build up knowledge about global connections and to acquire motivation for own future-oriented action.

Children’s Culture Caravan 2017: STOP is in Europe!


In 2017, artists from STOP India is among the seven invited groups. Girls from STOP India were selected and invited which is a great opportunity for the girls to showcase India’s cultural heritage to the bigger world through various dance, skits on trafficking and singing performances, and other workshops.

The three country visit in Europe began on August 20, 2017. Seven young girls – Maria, Mamta, Khushboo, Tannu, Shamoli Maya and Asha – from STOP’s Aashray Family home were selected to be part of the extremely prestigious and eventful Cultural Carnival 2017. Ms. Mallika Majithia was selected as a team leader. The team will visit three countries – Denmark, Germany and Austria, over a span of 14 week, where the girls are going to exhibit and showcase Indian cultural heritage through various workshops.


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Link of German friendship circle where the performances in Germany have been posted.

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STOP Team in Denmark : The team completed their 15 days experience and exposure in different parts of Denmark where they conducted various workshops and cultural performances. For complete report of their Denmark tour kindly click the link below :

A Comprehensive Report_Denmark – 20 Aug-5 Sept 2017