Our Work

What We Do…

  • Organize and conduct rescue operations of trafficking victims from different highly exploitative situations
  • Provide survivors with appropriate and safe accommodation, trauma counselling services, medical assistance and legal aid
  • Assist in the repatriation and restoration processes of foreign and Indian citizens who have become victims of trafficking
  • Support and encourage children of vulnerable communities and survivors of violence to engage in formal and/or non formal educational services as well as in professional and vocational trainings
  • Create women’s self-help groups to empower and assist the survivors in gaining access to employment opportunities
  • Advocate for the improvement of legal policies about issues related to its fields of activity
  • Advocate for a safe environment and educates the young and adults for a self-reliant society, making women more vigilant and to break the supply channel of human trafficking at the grass root level of vulnerable migrant majority areas

Process of Change

The process of change starts with the outreach activities. These activities are usually performed by two different types of specialized groups, the Women Self Help Groups (Mahila Mandal) and the Vigilant Groups. Both groups are composed by members of the communities and their main goal is to keep a close watch on:

–  illegal criminal trades, suspicious activities and networks, and
–  the burning social and civic issues and problems thereof.

Representing the first initial contact with any relevant situation that might arise in the community, these two groups have the possibility to perform early identification in cases related to trafficking in human beings, domestic violence, abuse or lack of economic sustainability.

Regular meetings are held in the facilities of R.B.C. Trust, promoting the exchange of information and, in the case of a special situation of vulnerability, a specialized team will try to meet the needs of the affected individuals/community, mainly through the development of specific community prevention projects, such as the creation of awareness campaigns and didactic workshops as well as through the provision of educational, professional and vocational training services.

In addition, since the women and children of these communities are often neglected from quality health care services, STOP also provides them with medical and nutritional assistance through access to free health clinics established in two different regions of Delhi: Bawana and Tughlakabad.

However, if any suspicion of trafficking or abuse is confirmed, then the special team arranges a rescue operation in close cooperation with the local authorities and, after being rescued, women and children are provided with non-judgmental and rights-based assistance services at the shelter Aashray Family Home.

The Aashray Family Home, in operation since 2005, is located in Delhi and has the capacity to accommodate at least 50-60 female victims at any given time, providing a wide range of supportive and educational services, such as individualized treatment plans, trauma counselling, legal aid as well as medical and psychological assistance.

In addition, during their stay in the Aashray, survivors also have access to education and professional trainings (such as cab driving, hospitality management, beautician skills, handicrafts, tailoring and theatre skills), along with other recreational activities, like martial arts, classic dance, drama and several types of indoor and outdoor games.

With the aim to promote self-sustainability and economic independence, STOP has also created a specific Empowerment Programme called “Thousand Dreams”. This venture on crafts and catering has been running as a vocational training initiative since 2015 and has already established successful partnerships with different companies around the world, namely, with “Salila Rising” in the USA and “AZADI” in Germany. 

Our Initiatives

STOP has undertaken two primary initiatives in recent years:

Thousand Dreams.

A women’s social enterprise of STOP (Stop Trafficking and Oppression against Children & Women), since 2015. Its objective is to launch a sustainable enterprise for vulnerable women and long-time survivors of trafficking and oppression to channelize their interests and skills into an income generating platform. 

Thousand Dreams is expected to evolve as a leading social enterprise and a brand in the apparel sector and other accessories.

Its mission is to emerge as a market leader and ensure skills, dignity and rewarding livelihoods for first generation women who are vulnerable and transform them into agents of change. 

Its specialties include all sorts of ladies and gents garments, Uniforms, apparel accessories, artificial jewelries/cosmetic jewelries, bead works, bags and many other handicraft items.

Trainings are regularly held for the participants of the program. Master trainers from export houses, experiences fashion designers from India as well as from abroad, and in-house cutting & tailoring instructors impart trainings to the girls.

The experiences of the initiative have been rewarding. It has exported 1300 garments to Germany in 4 months, and provides for a regular supply of apparels and bead items to Fair Craft Shop, Germany, besides garments with recycled cloths to USA, and bangles and artificial jewelries to several export houses in India.

You can get more information on the Thousand Dreams Flyer or the website: .


Koshish is a self-help group under the aegis of STOP Global Movement that is a food catering service, with its own professional kitchen housed in 568, JVTS Garden, Chhatarpur Extension, New Delhi – 110074.

For more information on this initiative, click here.