Participatory Events

The fight against Human Trafficking is a collaborative effort. The team of STOP attempts to participate in every invited event by sharing the experiences of the organization. We believe in collaborating with other non-governmental agencies and help create a vast web of like minded people to eradicate the issue of Human Trafficking.

  • On 31st January, 2017 Center for Social Research organized a National consultation on PWDVA( The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act was passed in 2005). The one day round table discussed The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act passed on 2005.
  • On 1st February,  UN Women Multi Country Office for India, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka on the topic of Human Trafficking issues in India. The meeting chaired by H.E. Per-Anders Sunesson, Ambassador of Sweden was organized by the UN women. The aim was providing an opportunity to learn and exchange key experiences, challenges and recommendations on India’s Anti-Human Trafficking efforts.
  • On 17th February,   state level coordination committee meeting organized by DWCD was chaired by secretory of DWCD to discuss on combating trafficking and exploitation of women and children. The meeting started with DWCD discussing about the actions taken by them on the aspects such as rehabilitation committee, reintegration committee, special task force etc.
  • On 17th March, Udayan Care  organized a seminar focusing on understanding what is “Trauma informed Care”, its impact on both the care givers and the Out of home care Children.
  • From March 20th to 22nd, Prof. Roma Debabrata was invited by the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), Government of India, to conduct a training session on “Trans-border Issues in Preventing and Combating Human Trafficking (Women and Children): The Causes and Effects of inter Agency gaps in Response: How to Address?” LBSNAA, in collaboration with Ministry of Women & Child Development, organized this Joint Training Program on Combating Trafficking of Women & Children, in Mussoorie. The objective of the program was to provide an open platform for the officers from All India Services and Judiciary to address issues related to trafficking of women and children and share and exchange good practice across the states.
  • On 21st March, in association with Aarambh India, ECPAT International organized, a webinar on focusing on the issues of online child sexual abuse and exploitation.
  • On 31 March, Women Power Connect (WPC) with support of The Asia Foundation is involved in a project entitled “Formation of a Resource Directory: Mapping of services available for survivors of trafficking in Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana”. The objective of this project was to formulate a Resource Directory which will be a useful tool which will help to strengthen the coordination for all people affected by human trafficking or working on the issue of human trafficking.
  • On 10th April, The workshop organized by shashtra seema bal was headed by IPS IG, Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh who delivered a speech on human trafficking and the actions taking by the justice system with special focus on the under developed areas of Bihar, UP and West Bengal making them high risk zone for human trafficking and the actions taken by the SSB actively at the Indo Nepal Border.
  • On 26th April, 2017, Indian Alliance for Child’s Right organized a meeting to discuss on the National Plan of Action for Children formed by the Government of India. The aim of the seminar was to have a detailed discussion on every action listed by the government and identify the loopholes and the short comings and form a coalition with the governing bodies. The meeting focused on various aspects of the action plan starting from child labor, human trafficking, drug abuse, and other physical violence.
26th april national alliance
STOP representatives attending meeting by Indian Alliance for Child’s Right
  • On 26th May, Bal Mitra Gram organized a consultation headed by Mr. Kailash Satyarthi (Nobel laureate) who introduced the members of Bal Mitra Gram and focusing on the work done in creating child friendly environment for Mahila Mandal, youth group and the children’s group collectively ensuring protection of child’s right and prevention of child labor.
  • On 14th June, a National Summit was organized by STOP and funded by Ford Foundation. The agenda for the summit was to explore the different rehabilitative models that are being followed by the organizations working for towards anti trafficking and exploitation of women and children.
  • On 27th July, STOP was invited by the Ambassador of Peru to participate in a panel exchange of ideas on Human Trafficking as a Global problem, at the Art Gallery of the Embassy of Peru, New Delhi. Prof. Roma Debabrata , President and Managing Trustee, STOP and Dr. Karabi Majumdar, Research Consultant, STOP, represented the organization at this important forum.
27th june undoc
Photo on Left: Prof. Debabrata discussing the Indian scenario and best practices                 implemented by STOP to tackle issues pertaining to Human-trafficking.                      Photo on Right: A group photo of the attendees with hosts from the Embassy of Peru.
  • On 3rd July, Under the funding of Human Dignity, ECPAT international launched a national coalition to prevent children from being sexually abused and exploited on the online platform. The working group for the coalition comprised of member representatives of the organizations working in the field of child’s right, children’s safety, trafficking and related concerns; forming the national task group. The coalition focused primarily on finalizing a structural setup for the National Co-coordinator, Lead Agency and mapping the action plan by the NTG (National Task Group) members.
    3rd july ecpat
    Left: Group pictures with attendees and representatives from ECPAT International.   Right: Prof. Debabrata brainstorming with the group on approaches to adopted by the National task Group.


  • On 31st July, UNODC alongside the government of India organized a summit which included of Home Ministers of countries like India, Bangladesh and Nepal; members from UNICEF, UNW and BSF force India. The main aim of the event was to get answers to a simple question that requires urgent attention: “How to curtail and stop Human Trafficking?”The summit focused on some major source of concerns such as the highly functional and source of trafficking- the India – Bangladesh border (commercial sexual exploitation), to how China is leading in human trafficking (organ donation), etc. It was realized that the mantra of “Prevention, Protection and Persecution needs to be actively worked upon.
  • On 1st September, Udayan Care organized a “Workshop report on ‘Depression in children and young person living in alternative care- Challenges and possibilities”.
    The purpose of this one day consultation was to identify and address the issue of depression in children and young adults living in alternative care.

    1st september udayan care
    Ms. Smritikana Ghosh (Programme Manager, STOP) at the consultation organized by Udayan Care.


  • On 27th-28th September, STOP was invited to participate in an international meeting organized by ECPAT International and co-hosted by ECPAT Taiwan and the National Chung Hsing University in Taipei, Taiwan, on “Practical Ethical Frameworks for Research with Vulnerable Children”.
    27th 28th september taiwan
    Dr. Karabi Majumdar (Consultant, Research Unit, STOP) Discussing research work taken forward by STOP in the last 5 years.


  • On 9th October, The Ministry of Women & Child Development organized a conference of partner NGO’s to discuss on the implementations of the policies, sachems and development program to curb the many challenges faced for the protection of women and children. The conference was headed by Smt. Meneka Gandhi, Hon’ble Minister WCD who stated how every NGO’s are very much a part of the development towards the implementation of the laws and practices for women and children.
    9th october MWCD
    Ms. Smritikana Ghosh (Programme Manager, STOP at the conference.