Ongoing process of Repatriation

As part of STOP’s commitment towards combatting and eradicating Human Trafficking, the organization is actively working to repatriate survivors of trafficking to their country of origin. A SOP developed by STOP and implemented in partnership with various embassies over two decades ago continues, the model continues to provide a comprehensive methodology for repatriating survivors of Trafficking. The model approaches repatriation with multi-lateral partnership between organizations, legal entities, and state. Currently, STOP’s team is working to repatriate survivors of Central Asian Countries, (earlier under Soviet Union) a geography that has emerged as one of the most common source areas.  Apart from that, STOP is directly assisting the survivor, by providing safe shelter, and care and support, and lodging her in the Caregiver Centre before repatriation.  In inclusion of the above said, the organization is also working on the repatriation of trafficked persons of neighboring countries who are lodged in different government homes. The organization is in process to work with embassy by proposing an embassy wide sensitization training of the SOP and share best practices leading to protection and safe repatriation as well as minimizing scope of trafficking or trafficking.

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