Sensitizing Grassroots Activists on Practicing Right to Information

Left: Mr. Amitava Bhattacharya, Chief Information Commissioner, members of the community adopted by STOP.

On 14th December, 2018, STOP hosted community activists to attend a sensitization workshop on Right to Information. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Amitava Bhattacharya, Chief Information Commissioner, Information Commission, Govt. of India.

A group photo with Mr. Amitava Bhattacharya and the STOP family.


Prof. Roma Debabrata, President cum Managing Trustee, STOP, initiated the session by discussing the need to practice Right to Information at the grassroots level to help community development. Prof. Roma Debabrata also discussed the connection between essentially of community development and how it can help in reduction of Trafficking.



Medical Camp at Tughlakabad Community

A one day free medical camp was organized at the Tughlakabad community today. Dr. Animesh Das, ophthalmologist and Dr. Subhamitra Das, General Physician volunteered and visited the community to provide free health checkup for the members residing there.

Both Dr. Animesh and Dr. Subhamitra interacted with the members before the check up mainly focusing on creating awareness among each and every individual. A special session was also organized by Dr. Subhamitra Das where she talked about the Do’s and Don’t regarding the various concerns surrounding flue and dengue.


On 31st August, 2018, STOP alongside support from the Ford Foundation a regional summit was organized on the topic “Sharing Best Practices of Community Intervention and Leadership Development Among Grass-root Workers”.

The aim of the summit was to develop innovative and collaborative approach for development of the community and strong leadership at grassroots level. Community leaders from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and across India participated in the summit. The representatives from the respective organizations talked about the best practices followed by them as a part of their organizations community intervention program. The summit proved to be a path breaking initiative that generate ideas to innovate the livelihood options for the women and children in the community.

Remembering Mr. Kofi Anan

On 18h August, 2018, Kofi Anan one of the most loved and influential United Nations General Secretary passed away. He was a reformist and his journey was commendable and inspirational. Mr. Anan served in the office from January, 1997 to December, 2006. He was reelected and served in his position for two terms. Mr. Anan’s work and thought will always stay with us.

We send out our condolences to Mrs. Nane Anan to get through this difficult period in her life. Her warmth and kindness was experienced when Mrs. Anan visited Delhi and met with Prof. Roma Debabrata and girls rescued by STOP.


We keep these memories with Mrs. Anan close as we will always keep Mr. Kofi Anan in our thoughts.

Prof. Debabrata attending the dissemination workshop on “ Building Resilience, Catalysing Change”.

The “ girls champions” of the Sapahara resilience program sharing their journey.

On 16th July, 2018, Prof. Roma Debabrata ( Founder President, STOP) attended dissemination workshop organisation by SAPHARA in association with the Embassy of Ireland and Phia foundation on “Building Resilience, Catalysing Change”.

Girl champions presented there thoughts on breaking gender stereotypes and the progress they have had in their lives by being part of the program.

Prof. Debabrata at the workshop organised by Sapahara and the Embassy of Ireland.

Prof. Debabrata suggested the group to look at the slum clusters and the migrant communities in urban areas to understand the gaps within the society that hinders young women from fully developing their potential. She also stressed on converting this into a strong network of organisation that will through ” hand holding” help in these young women to move forward and become successful in their lives.

Thank you Saphara and the Embassy of Ireland, India for inviting to stop at this important event.

Some Portuguese and India interactions in the “Koshish Kitchen”

36660706_1875632866073327_5654974406879870976_nOn 5th July, 2018, Patrícia Oliveira, Our Intern from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid made “Frango na Pucara”, A Portuguese Chicken Dish during lunch.

The entire  family of STOP relished the delicacy. Our young partners joined her in this fun filled cooking session to expand their culinary skill set and learn about the cultural variations.

Thank you  for Patrícia for this wonderful exchange.

ECPAT International hosts private sector representatives to discuss sexual exploitation of children in Travel and Tourism industry.

IMG_3726.JPGOn 29th June, 2018, STOP (Stop Oppression and Trafficking of Women and Children) as one of the members from the National Task Group, formed by ECPAT international, hosted the representatives from private sector at a international conference to discuss “Advancing responsible business practices towards child protection in India”, at the Pullman Hotel, Delhi.

The discussion revolved around multiple areas from travel and tourism to media to law and policy framework and its role in protection of rights of children and their safety. The conference participants were from various backgrounds. Intellectuals, private sector representatives, as well as practitioners from government and non-government bodies in India and South Asia participate at the conference.

Best practices followed by private sector companies and non-governmental organisations were discussed, leading to Prof. Roma Debabrata moderating the session on possible ways of moving forward to create better and safer environment for our children with the help of private sector.


We at STOP are heartily thankful to all participants for sharing their views on the subject.



Regional round-table to discuss sexual exploitation of boys organised by ECPAT

On 27th June, 2018, members from STOP attended regional round-table of south Asian representatives to discuss sexual exploitation of boys organised by ECAPAT INTERNATIONAL.

Besides large number of participants from India, there were participants from Bangladesh Nepal Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The members from various organisations of the region engaged in discussion to understand the various forums and spaces and exploitation of voice takes place. The main aim of the round table was to understand the level and magnanimity of the issue in South Asia over all, as well as the countries represented at the round table.

Professor Roma Debabrata discussed the instances where boys have engaged in conversations as survival of the crime. Professor Debabrata also commented that the exploitation of both, boys and girls should not be taken as and I elements but one must focus to see the links between the two and understand the issue as a wider problem of the society. The team of Stop is thankful to check that International for inviting us at the round table.